About us

We are a factory store who provides high quality jigsaw customizable puzzles at competitive price. We produce puzzles using 100% recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Wooden puzzles in the market often generate a lot of sawdust and contribute to deforestation. Our materials are CE and CPC certified, and our puzzle printing quality is exceptionally high. Other companies still use outdated printing methods, and their designs lack the intricacy that we offer.

With Midjourney, you can now print any super attractive design you like on our puzzles. Whatever pattern you desire, we can quickly produce the corresponding puzzle for you in 24 hours. When you see puzzles in the market, there are traders and copyright holders involved, and only a small portion of the price you pay goes into actual puzzle production. Most of the income goes to traders and designers.

Our company addresses this pain point by offering you a solution. Come and give it a try!